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We try to improve how clinicians judge sperm. Can we get a better understanding of fertility and miscarriage by look at how well a sperm swims or the quality of the DNA each sperm carries.


We examine how the lifestyle choices can be changed in to improve sperm quality and how novel methods for clinicians to pick the very best sperm from each sample.


We have helped devise new procedures and devices to improve patient’s journey through assisted reproduction.

Look up terminology and treatment advice in ourĀ REPROPEDIA DICTONARY



Our work on Flagellar Analysis and Sperm TrackingĀ (FAST) is now published in Human Reproduction.

Sperm-induced signalling events in the female tract

We know almost nothing of the biology occurring as sperm traverse the female tract, but intriguing new evidence suggests that sperm may activate signalling responses in cells of the female tract and play a key role in preparation for embryo implantation. It may even...

#ESHREjc becomes live in 2 days! Join us and share your thoughts on #preeclampsia #sperm #donation & #ART: https://t.co/G6vCCimEcx
Guest experts: @DrMotility & @yafshar.Feel free to invite #reproductivemedicine experts:
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When your office husband knows you well - not sure they'd all make my shortlist though #vivelarepublique @DrMotility

This paper represents the PhD of @markfoster182 driven by his amazing organisational skills and perseverance, typing his thesis during two deployments to Afghanistan - Most grateful to all patients including the severely injured soldiers - amazingly motivated participants!

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