Centre for Human Reproductive Science



We try to improve how clinicians judge sperm. Can we get a better understanding of fertility and miscarriage by look at how well a sperm swims or the quality of the DNA each sperm carries.


We examine how the lifestyle choices can be changed in to improve sperm quality and how novel methods for clinicians to pick the very best sperm from each sample.


We have helped devise new procedures and devices to improve patient’s journey through assisted reproduction.


The My-I Study (MotilitY diagnostics in Insemination)

The human semen sample carries a wealth of information of varying degrees of accessibility ranging from the traditional visual measures of count and motility to those that need a more computational approach, such as tracking the flagellar waveform. The selection of...

The UNiTY Trial

As Chief Investigator, Jackson has been awarded an NIHR Clinical Trial to look at the Clinical and Cost Effectiveness of 3 cycles of IUI vs 1 cycle of IVF for couples with Unexplained Infertility. Meurig is Mechanistic lead for the trial, looking at the role sperm...
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