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We try to improve how clinicians judge sperm. Can we get a better understanding of fertility and miscarriage by look at how well a sperm swims or the quality of the DNA each sperm carries.


We examine how the lifestyle choices can be changed in to improve sperm quality and how novel methods for clinicians to pick the very best sperm from each sample.


We have helped devise new procedures and devices to improve patient’s journey through assisted reproduction.

Look up terminology and treatment advice in ourĀ REPROPEDIA DICTONARY



Meurig and Jackson have been successfully invited to join SETsquared Partnership ICURe Cohort 38 to validate the market for some of the research the ChRS team have been doing. 1 in 6 couples worldwide suffer from infertility, and in over half of these cases there is a...


Our work on Flagellar Analysis and Sperm TrackingĀ (FAST) is now published in Human Reproduction.

As always great to hear @DrMotility talk about updates to the WHO 6th edition sperm manual! @SpermEggEmbryo @IMSR_UoB @BWH_NHS #FutureGenerations

Come and join our cross-University and Hospital @SpermEggEmbryo team @IMSR_UoB @BWH_NHS as a Research Lab Associate.
Help us improve the future of Fertility diagnostics and care #FutureGenerations @SMQB_UoB https://t.co/DYsQEzuFkQ

Superb chance to join our @SpermEggEmbryo team @BWH_NHS @IMSR_UoB as Research Lab Associate, helping us improve the future of Fertility diagnostics and care #FutureGenerations #Andrology https://t.co/dlToJEFfkd

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