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We try to improve how clinicians judge sperm. Can we get a better understanding of fertility and miscarriage by look at how well a sperm swims or the quality of the DNA each sperm carries.


We examine how the lifestyle choices can be changed in to improve sperm quality and how novel methods for clinicians to pick the very best sperm from each sample.


We have helped devise new procedures and devices to improve patient’s journey through assisted reproduction.

Look up terminology and treatment advice in our REPROPEDIA DICTONARY



Our work on Flagellar Analysis and Sperm Tracking (FAST) is now published in Human Reproduction.

Sperm-induced signalling events in the female tract

We know almost nothing of the biology occurring as sperm traverse the female tract, but intriguing new evidence suggests that sperm may activate signalling responses in cells of the female tract and play a key role in preparation for embryo implantation. It may even...

Despite not burning energy, the last few microns of the sperm tail helps it swim faster, and for better 'mpg'! Well done @CaraVNeal @MeurigGallagher @atticushm https://t.co/kxux7r2uYM
Hear more at #eshre2020 Frontiers in Andrology, Wednesday morning. @SpermEggEmbryo @DrMotility

The inactive end piece of the sperm tail actually allows it to swim faster and more efficiently than if the whole tail was actively beating. New paper from our group released today
#doingmorewithless #futuregenerations https://t.co/UumgCR6lMS

It was a really great talk! Thanks, Gerhard! We’d to hear people’s experiences of using FAST, especially if there’s new features that people would like adding to best support their work! https://t.co/bJTwNUYlbQ

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