The ChRS will be at the ESHRE meeting in Ghent (Belgium) on the 29 Р30th March. The symposium  will have a broad-coverage approach to male sub-fertility and its treatment and management, with coverage of paternal effects in the health of offspring. Click here for more information.

Jackson invites all clinicians, scientists, IVF laboratory technicians and paramedicals in the field of infertility diagnosis and treatment.

Focusing on a comprehensive and integrated approach to male diagnosis and therapy – because of their many possibilities and long-term effects – will be a key learning and discussion point in this workshop. The course will include genetics and epigenetics in the individual and the role for medical intervention and its possible associated consequences. The gathering will examine the diagnoses and treatments available for men within and beyond assisted conception. Consideration will be given to emerging data and the latest guidance related to treatment success and offspring health. The role of affected individuals and the clinical team in guiding decisions in routine care will be considered. Finally, future male diagnosic and therapeutic developments will be discussed with an eye to how innovations may affect male subfertility definitions and perceptions in the future.