Endometrial Fluid Metabolomics

In IVF or ICSI treatment the goal is to produce a good quality embryo with artificial fertilization.  Following this, the embryo must implant into the womb in order for a pregnancy to be achieved.  This is a complex process leading to a high frequency of failed treatment.  It is this area which remains the rate limiting step in IVF treatment success. This has led to much research into the womb cavity environment and the factors that determine womb lining receptivity to an embryo.

Metabolomics is the study of substances that are present in any biological fluid.  The Endometrial Fluid Metabolomics project aims to study the pattern of substances that are present in the womb cavity fluid at the time of inserting an embryo.  We aim to find a particular pattern of metabolic substances which encourages successful IVF treatment.  Obtaining a better understanding of embryo implantation in IVF treatment may allow us to improve IVF treatment success in patients.