The ChRS are happy to announce the publication of our work on Flagellar Analysis and Sperm Tracking – FASTFind the full article –

The project aims to improve how we analyse semen samples. Computer aided semen analysis (CASA) systems which track the head of each sperm to produce a sperm count and a measure of swimming speed (motility) are readily available, however these systems are not accurate or informative enough to replace human assessment.

To solve this problem, FAST is designed to capture more detail from each sample by studying the sperm tail, or  flagellum, which provides the mechanical  force that propels sperm towards the egg. The free to use research software, developed with our mathematics team enables accurate, detailed and crucially, automated, capture of the waveform and mechanics of the flagellum, with the aim of underpinning a new generation of motility assessments. 



Read about the project and download the free to use software here