Meurig and Jackson have been successfully invited to join SETsquared Partnership ICURe Cohort 38 to validate the market for some of the research the ChRS team have been doing.

1 in 6 couples worldwide suffer from infertility, and in over half of these cases there is a problem with the man’s sperm.

In natural reproduction sperm are selected by their ability to swim, but this has yet to be fully exploited in fertility treatments.

Sperm tail motion acts like a fitness test, it tells us that everything is functioning correctly and allows us to check the health and potential of an individual sperm in a population. There is already evidence that picking the right sperm can also reduce miscarriage rates by up to 40%.

We have created a consumable sperm preparation device, and software for analysing tail motion, which exploit these natural selection mechanisms to obtain the best sperm for treatment.

If you’d like to know more or book an appointment to discuss with the team, you can contact Meurig directly on