The Centre for human Reproductive Science (ChRS) motto is “Future Generations”. This encompasses our focus as a team who are passionate about scientifically understanding fertility problems and engaging with patients and public in informed debate about reproduction.

Our research team spans many disciplines, with interests that unite to discover incisive answers in our field. This encompasses creating internationally-leading understanding of the sperm tail through to improving the support and information to individuals, couples, offspring and donors.

We particularly aim to understand how new diagnostics can be delivered focused around the male and the sperm – trying to better understand how male factors affect chance of a healthy baby. In remarkable evidence from the HABSelect Trial we demonstrated how simply changing the method for sperm selection can radically reduce the chance of a miscarriage in older females seeking treatment – something that to date had always been considered a female-factor. More widely we hope that by better integrating men within the fertility journey, we can begin to redress the gender imbalance in care – wherein women currently have the greater share of physical and emotional burden in treatment.

A big part of what we do aims to ensure the health of not just our children, but understanding the impact on their children too – enabling and protecting our future generations.